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A Guide to Gay-Friendly Accommodation in Maspalomas

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Maspalomas, located on the southern coast of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, is a popular destination for LGBTQ travelers. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming atmosphere, Maspalomas has become known as a gay-friendly destination. For those looking for accommodation that caters specifically to LGBTQ travelers, there are several options available in Maspalomas.

One popular choice for gay-friendly accommodation in Maspalomas is the Rainbow Golf Bungalows. This resort offers self-catering bungalows surrounded by lush gardens and a large pool area. The resort is located in the heart of the gay district of Maspalomas, making it a perfect choice for those looking to be close to the action. The Rainbow Golf Bungalows also host regular events and pool parties, creating a fun and lively atmosphere for guests.

Another option for gay-friendly accommodation in Maspalomas is the AxelBeach Maspalomas. This stylish hotel offers modern rooms and suites, as well as a large outdoor pool and a rooftop bar with stunning views of the surrounding area. The hotel is located near the Yumbo Center, a popular gay nightlife spot in Maspalomas, making it a convenient choice for those looking to explore the local gay scene.

For those looking for a more intimate and luxurious experience, the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia is a fantastic option. This five-star hotel offers elegant rooms, a beautiful pool area, and a tranquil garden setting. The hotel is located near the beach and the famous sand dunes of Maspalomas, offering guests a peaceful and relaxing environment during their stay.

In addition to these accommodation options, Maspalomas also offers a variety of gay-friendly bars, restaurants, and shops. The Yumbo Center is a popular spot for LGBTQ travelers, with its many bars, clubs, and drag shows. The center is also home to several gay-friendly cafes and restaurants, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a drink with friends.

For those looking to explore the local gay scene even further, Maspalomas offers a variety of gay cruising spots. One popular spot for Maspalomas Gay Cruising is the sand dunes near the beach. This area is known for its secluded spots and sandy paths, making it a popular spot for those looking to meet new people and explore their sexuality in a safe and welcoming environment.

Overall, Maspalomas offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for LGBTQ travelers, with a variety of accommodation options, nightlife spots, and cruising spots to explore. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel experience or a more casual and social atmosphere, Maspalomas has something for everyone in the LGBTQ community.

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